The streamer DGR asked his community to made him a Bingo.
The Bingo can take some seconds to load.

Features :

- 126 différent events that can appear on the Bingo sheet.

- a lot of customisation

- special modes as Hot Garbage and Multiplayer (for multiplayer games)

- 2 CHAOS commands to spice up the game. Tell me in the comments if you have more ideas of Chaos commands. :)

- NEW : a special Raysfire Versus Edition with 25+ new events !


How to use :

-Editions (DGR by Default): NEW ! Raysfire DLC with over 25 events for multiplayer versus ! (I advice to check the multiplayer game mode only or with Challenges (see below ))

- Game modes : select the type of events that can appear in the bingo. For example : "Auto Level" is part of "easy mode", if you play super-expert, uncheck easy and easy mode events wont appear in the bingo. By default, all modes are checked so every event has a chance to spawn.

- Versus : events that are especially for multiplayer mode will appear if you check the box.

- Challenges : events like "no going left" will appear. These are red.

- Hot Garbage : will only spawn events related to Little Timmy's Hot Garbage.

- Grid size : it's recommended to not set a bingo sheet bigger than 9x9.

-Free: a blank tile will appear at the center. 

Chaos 1: destroy a Time from the grid. You can no longer validate it and it prevent a line from being completed. It's meant to be activated if you want to play with penalities, something like that.

Chaos 2: All the non validated tiles (click on a tile to validate it, a cross will appear) will change. It's meant to bring some tension and suspense... And chaos, yes


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Good godot engine program