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BottledUpGames presents : the utlimate TileMap node ! NOW VERSION 2.0

The plugin adds 1 node : the BottledTileMap which has a lot of new features to edit tilemaps way faster in Godot and do very quickly all sorts of things that are very hard or time consumming with Godot alone.

  • - draw unlimitedly complex patterns, gradients, chessboards, paint random motifs (can be used to paint plants randomly in a plain for example) with the Pattern feature.
  • - generate circles, ovals and outlined ones, spray tool, custom line size with the Circle and Spray feature.
  • - replace all tiles/all tiles with a certain id by  another tile, everywhere/in a selected area with the Replacing feature.
  • - draw with symmetry
  • - draw with multiple cursors at the same time
  • ...

The .zip contains all the plugin + a demo scene with a tileset.
The script only file can just be added to a normal tilemap and it will work too.
I will soon post a video on how to use the plugin but the documentation should be enough for now. The video will be posted on my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcGSR_DYUY_BQIsujY2QXpg

Wanna request a feature / report a bug / ask a question ? Then join my discord : https://discord.gg/aWWQbgQUEP

Plugin documentation :  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y2aPsn72dOxQ-wBNGqLlQvrw9-SV_z12a1MradBglF4/...

The V3.0 is coming SOON ! It's in betatest and there will be like 5 times for features and a top notch interface to help make better tilemaps. You can find the V3.0 in its current version (unfinished, buggy) on github  : https://github.com/Dark-Peace/bottled-up-tilemap. If you want to contribute, be my guest.


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BottledTileMap.zip (full) 9 kB
BottledTilemap.gd (script only) 14 kB

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