A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

[GMTK game jam 2020]
Game in French and English

Spleen is a short retro adventure and exploration game where you embody a hero with a Panic disorder.  Whether it'll be the unsettling lands, monstrous creatures or your frequent Panic Attacks, you'll have a lot to go through.

WASD / ↑←↓→ : Move

Cursor : Aim

Left Clic : Attack / Use Item

SPACE KEY: Talk / Interract / Confirm / Skip / ...

The post jam version is out !

/!\ Epilepsy Warning

About the game jam participation (post jam édit : everything's working now) :
The majority of the art is mine and has been made during the jam. My teammate made most of the musics and sounds. Sadly because of the lack of time, we haven't been able to include the music.

Interested in games about psychology ? Play the (very) early demo of my big project : Dojordin ! (Édit: Dojordin's démo is vert outdated since 2 month)


Spleen [GameJam version] for Windows 11 MB
Spleen V1.5 PostJam WIN.zip 26 MB
Spleen V1.5 PostJam MAC.zip 28 MB

Development log


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I'd love to see more of it. I encountered some bugs while playing, but wasn't sure what part of it was intentional and what part wasn't:

  • Couldn't read signs or open chests.
  • Life behaved unexpectedly at times.
  • When trying to buy from the merchant, I couldn't interact with the prompt, which blocked most of the screen.
  • At one point, I got teleported i a whole new area without knowing why. Don't want to spoil it, I'll describe it vaguely: there was a heart moving left and right.

I'm aware of the bugs :( couldn't fix them due to the lack of time. a post jam version will come soon !

It's getting better! I encountered some bugs though:

  • I didn't start at the starting location. I was just before the first panic attack.
  • I think I had beaten most of the game when I hit a kind of heart shaped door and the game crashed.

Oh ok, i'll fix that.

Yeah, you were supposed to enter the last area just before the final boss.