Welcome to Land of the Unskilled ! (Made in 3 days for the Wowie jam) Post Jam version out now !

In this turned based rpg-like fighting game, the heroes will need to save their world. The issue ? They suck.
You're gonna have to help them... By controling the enemies and try to lose the fights ! ( Controls down below )

Strategy is the key : each enemy has his own set of skills that you can turn against them !

Estimated time : 15 min
The game got 3 fights (last one being a boss. Trust me : you wanna see it XD)

How to play :

- left click on an option to select it.
- You can only select a skill if you have enough Magic to use it. (Purple stat)
- When your Heart reaches 0 (red stat) you win... I mean lose... I mean... You can continue.

- Enter to skip text

In case of problem :
Cheat/debug commands : press 1, 2 or 3 to go directly to the fight 1, 2 or 3
In the HTML version : be sure you have the focus on the game window! (By clicking in the window), or else the keyboard won't work (itch.io issue)
Do not hesitate to report any bug.

Tips if you struggle (spoiler) :

Fight 1 :  increase your défense with Self Hug. When Swordman uses Plot Hole, he will deal a lot of damage. (The more your défense is high, the more Plot Hole deals dmg)

Fight 2 : Use PolyGun, it has a chance to one-shot Hexagun. If you use Deep Gaze in the same turn, the heroes are very less likely to take dmg. Another strat is to use Mock + Twine up to kill Twined light faster.

Boss : Like Fight 1, Plot Hole can higly damage the boss if you increase your defense with Upvote. But first you need to increase your max amount of Magic with Spam because Upvote cost more than your current amount of Magic.

Credits :
Art & dev : Dark Peace
Music & Sfx : J.A.X.


LotU PostJam.zip 42 MB
NEW DaveVersion.zip 43 MB
LotU Post.zip 44 MB
DaveVersion.zip 43 MB

Development log


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As promised https://www.twitch.tv/videos/939308942


Thank you ! I watched and it was very useful !

For the first and boss fight, you had to increase your défense so Swordman can almost one-shot you. Unfortunately, you killed Swordman in the boss fight so it was pretty much impossible at that point. I should fix that.

godot is da best

The game doesn't seem to launch on safari but I'll try to download it ! :)

Godot is da best :D

that's right, Safari is not supported

The writting made laugh several times hahaha, unluckily lost some text because it went to fast (better to click to show the next dialog)

Very god humor but the enemies were very pasive.

Thx for the feedback !

Hm, a black screen for me

I've already had that while playing other's people 's games. Try quitting Google Chrome and reopen it.

I really liked the humor. Especially the intro was very entertaining. The artstyle is very unique. The Combat felt weird at first, but it became more and more interesting with time.

Thank you !

I'll play yours tomorrow, it's nighttime for me rn

Best game ive played in this jam. And oh boy, i've played over 50

Thank you so much !

Its a really cool game, I really liked the start and the music was really good.

thank you !

yoo happy everyone is enjoying the music

yeah, the music is great

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Liked the humor very much. The cartoony-low polished art as well. For the combat design: the first fight felt a bit repetitive, with me just going for the lowest magic-attack option, since i assumed its the least valuable for the enemy. Concept and story is very interesting in my opinion and could be expanded to a full game. Really appreciated the creativity  ;) Check mine out https://axiom-gamelabs.itch.io/my-little-fishes

thanks for the feedback. Actuall, there's a strategy for each battle (you can read it on this page in the "tips" part)
I'll check yours when I got time !


I seriously loved the art! Very different, but it worked well with the theme!

The "battle' game loop felt satisfying too so props to ya! :)

Thx !

Tbh, I speedrunned the art, but from what I've heard do far, people seem to like it so it's cool.

thank u, the music was very fun to make


Is cool game, the visuals and music mix really well with world :)

Thx !

Did you also made a game for the Wowie ? I've downloaded so many I've no idea who is who 😅

glad u enjoyed my music! dark peace really came through with the art too