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Current Version : 0.1

BulletUpHell is a Godot plugin that aims at providing every single feature a bullethell game can dream of while still being easy to use. You can create every pattern you want without writing a single line of code.

It works with 4 main nodes, each of them holding data :

  1. SpawnPoint node : a bullet spawner, spawns bullets automaticaly
  2. SpawnPattern node : the spawn position of the bullets
  3. BulletPattern node : the bullet properties
  4. TriggerContainer : used to trigger bullet spawning from SpawnPoints, bullets, or anything else.

You can put this nodes and edit their properties directly into your scene tree in the editor. They are destroyed upon loading the game and their data is saved into a global singleton so don't be afraid to put a lot of them.
Nodes are linked with each other using a ID variable. A SpawnPoint call the SpawnPattern with the corresponding ID, which spawns bullets, giving them the properties of the corresponding ID BulletPattern, which can have the ID (if desired) of a TriggerContainer that's gonna spawn more bullets from the bullets.
I use this plugin for my game, Dojordin ( first demo coming soon !) and before this plugin, to do the same thing I had a spawner node containing a bullet resource, containing a trigger resource, containing a pattern resource, containing,... Now, all the nodes can be put where you want in the scene tree and be accessible by all (and multiple at the same time) the other nodes, so no need for duplication and no never-ending resources into resources.

The demo project below is not up to date (but you can use it to test how it works). You can download the last version of the plugin on its github page. There are a bunch of updates planned, of features yet to be added and of optimisation needed.

The current version has been made for the Godot Addon Jam and is only a non-polished pre-alpha. I recommend waiting for the next update before using it for a real game project. I'll update it once the first demo of my game is out.

Édit : update is on the way. Also, yes, it will be for Godot 4

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Documentation on how to install and use the plugin can be found here :


A demo project with some demo scenes you can run in the editor to see how it works in action can be downloaded here :


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I know this was made quite a while ago, however, I cant help but ask, will this be coming to Godot 4? It is such a feature-packed plugin. Even if it is not, know that this is an amazing plugin and it must have taken a good amount of time.